Boulevard City to Host Esports World Cup from July 3rd – August 25!

Free Entry

Daily 4:00pm – 2am

Boulevard City is a Modern Riyadh Gateway to Entertainment Haven

Welcome to Boulevard Riyadh City! A modern Riyadh entertainment hub where every moment is a jubilant celebration

Enjoy Unlimited Fun at the Exciting Boulevard City!

Have you ever wondered how to find a thrilling entertainment spot in Riyadh? Look no further than the stunning Blvd Riyadh City, an amazing entertainment and relaxation hub nestled in the heart of Riyadh that shines like a diamond in the Arabian desert.

Riyadh Top-Notch Entertainment Attractions

Discover Boulevard Ruh City: A New Beginning

Boulevard Ruh City has changed the landscape of Riyadh that offers something for all ages, from the musical and dancing fountain to the New York Times Square replica. Visitors can find a range of thrilling activities, a variety of world cuisines at different food corners and brand new exciting events for all adventure seekers that suit everyone’s taste. 

Boulevard NYC Times Square

New York Times Square

If you want to experience the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple in the heart of Riyadh, you should visit Times Square which is a magnificent depiction of New York Times Square in Boulevard. A lively Square for all selfies and photography lovers to capture memorable moments, mesmerizing you with various street performances, music, dances and fireworks.

Boulevard Ruh City Popular Spots

Riyadh Boulevard’s Best Attractions

Riyadh Boulevard’s Best Attractions

Boulevard Ruh City is much more than just a place for entertainment. The city offers visitors a unique and memorable experience where families can come together and enjoy quality time sharing laughter and creating lasting memories.

Disney Castle - Boulevard City Riyadh

Disney Castle

Takenda Gaming - Boulevard City Riyadh


Doos Karting - Boulevard City Riyadh

Doos Karting

Anghami Lab - Boulevard Riyadh City

Anghami Lab

Mike Tyson Boxing Club - Boulevard Riyadh City

Mike Tyson Boxing Club

The Mike Tyson Boxing Club is a new addition to the Blvd City in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The club is a world-first specialized striking gym that was launched as part of Riyadh Season 2023.

Open air gallery at Boulevard City with Salman Khan's hand print

Open Air Art Gallery

The Riyadh Boulevard 2024 features an open air gallery that captures a Hand Print Section of some of the famous iconic celebrities that shows Riyadh’s deep connection with the entertainment world. This gallery has the imprints of some famous celebrities from Bollywood megastars like Salman Khan to football legend Cristiano Ronaldo.

Boulevard Park: A Relaxation Spot

Boulevard Park is ideal for visitors seeking a relaxing and peaceful environment. This serene yet entertaining park serves as an escape from the noisy and traffic-filled cities. Boulevard Park is a green sanctuary providing fresh air and breathtaking views of nature. Besides, the park offers a tranquil walking trail, perfect for strolling and spending quality time with loved ones.

The entrance fee to Boulevard Riyadh is free, special events and other offers will be charged separately.

Yes, booking a ticket in advance during Riyadh Season rush hour is strongly recommended.

The Boulevard Riyadh is a tourist attraction, popular for its several landmark attractions such as New York Times Square, international restaurants, gaming zones like Takenda Centre, Doos Karting, entertainment zones like Anghami Lab, Disney Land, Barbie and more.

Riyadh Boulevard Food Festival

The Food Festival in Riyadh Boulevard offers a wide variety of flavors and special offers. Don’t miss it every Sunday; it will make your weekend special.

Find the best restaurant in Boulevard and live your Sunday in a special Riyadh style.

Boulevard Riyadh Location